Nitrogen Sports – review

Nitrogen Sports is an online bookmaker operating only with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This means that deposits, account, betting and withdrawals are in Bitcoin currency. We can therefore talk about a 100% bitcoin sports betting site. This major advantage in the world of online betting is not the only one, not only Nitrogen has enjoyed an excellent reputation since its creation in 2013 but in addition the Nitrogen Sports ratings are among the best. The icing on the cake, it is possible to bet small amounts from 0.001 BTC and for the biggest sports bettors, the bet can go up to 80 BTC.

Nitrogen Sports Accepts bettors around the world, it is possible to open an anonymous account without providing any identification, not even need to give your email. For those who wish it is possible to choose a nickname and a password after opening an anonymous account.

Security is maximum on Nitrogen, password requested for withdrawals and bitcoins of the site are kept off-line, therefore in a safe place. Bitcoin deposits are instantaneous with zero confirmation. Withdrawals take a few seconds. Be careful if you play for the first time on a bookmaker bitcoin, you will be so surprised by the speed of transactions and bets that you will be difficult for you to return to bet on traditional BOOKMAKERS with banking money.

The range of available bets is very wide, from basketball football, through volleyball, baseball or rugby. Of course the Paris live are there on the sports site. Also note the existence of a Jackpot for Parlays.

The betting interface of the site is intuitive, works without bugs and is simple to use. A small downside, however, the site is not compatible with the Explorer browser, you must use Firefox for example, but a message will tell you if your browser is compatible from your first connection to the site.


The bookmaker Nitrogen does not have the French language option like most Bitcoin sports sites Popular but for bettors who include English, the bookmaker is worth the detour: Built to function with Bitcoin technology, it is possible to bet quickly, anonymously and on almost all sports in a secure environment. Possible bitcoin gains can be removed instantly unlike boomakers with banking currency. And for those who are novices with Bitcoin where who would still hesitate, you should know that in addition to sports betting, the site has a casino with blackjack games and Dice Provublic-Fairs (100% Just) and a poker room Online with Bitcoin.