Nitrogen Poker – review

With a name that praises speed and action, how Nitrogen Poker he compares himself compared to others Online bitcoin poker rooms?

Well, our first impressions on the site are rather good. The layout of the site is clean, elegant and easy to navigate. While we focus only on the poker aspect, the The missing teens site also offers an online casino and a bookmaker (read review of Nitrogen Sports).

Most of Nitrogen Poker

  • URL:
  • Creation year: 2014
  • Plate-forme: Windows, Mac, Mobile
  • Download: No
  • Currencies: Bitcoin only

The advantages of Nitrogen Poker

  • No email required to register
  • Easy registration
  • 1 confirmation only required for deposits and withdrawals
  • Quality user interface
  • Hand -based loyalty program played
  • Beautiful poker software
  • Free poker tournaments (freerolls) offered every hour

The drawbacks of Nitrogen Poker

  • Low attendance
  • The tables do not advance when the action is on you
  • Pool of players can be shallow during off -peak hours
  • The lobby is rather basic

Tables and tournaments

The online poker room offers both real silver games (with BTC) and optional Play-Money. Customers have access to games via an HTML 5 application and there are tournaments and cash games without limit, pot-combined and fixed-limited Texas Hold’em.

Only Hold’em limit tables still have players on them. There is generally no Limit Hold’em action from micro-immers of 0.01 MBTC/0.02 MBTC up to average bets 2 MBTC/4 MBTC.

Le rake

When it comes to Rake, it varies a little. For example, the rake in cash games varies from 1% to 4%. For tournaments, Rake fees are 4% which is in fact the lowest amount billed compared to other BTC poker sites currently online. Regarding the loyalty program and nitrogen awards, you will receive between 10% and 40% of Rakeback. Not bad!

Client service

The players of Nitrogen Poker have a number of ways to the support. Either by the live cat, the most common option, or by the form system. The Poker Bitcoin site also has an active Twitter account, a Reddit page and a Facebook group where you can them if you do not wish to put your email address.


As with all Bitcoin poker rooms, the Nitrogen Poker deposit method is super easy. They ask you no personal information and provide an email is optional. The deposits are carried out instantly. When we tried to withdraw, we received our funds within the hour.