Mbit casino - Review

mBit Casino is one of the most popular online bitcoin casinos on the internet today. Perhaps their wide choice of games and their exceptionally high bonuses helped them maintain the high level of popularity they enjoy through the continents. Unlike other popular casinos that limit the welcome bonus to 1BTC, Mbit multiplied it by five, and that does not stop there. You wonder if you should risk your Bitcoin money on mBit Casino? Read in advance to get a precise idea of what you expect on the platform.

Home interface once connected to Mbit Casino

Mbit Casino design and atmosphere

mBit Casino has an excellent design both for mobile and office sites. The consistency of the two platforms is simply incredible compared to other online casinos. Again, approximately 95% of the games available via the main website can be played on a mobile browser without affecting the quality of the graphics or unnecessarily increases the loading time. We have been interacting with the casino for a long time by playing various games. We are confident when we say that many of their games have a relatively low loading time compared to the casinos where you would spend minutes waiting for the loading of the games. This is excellent feature because players, including many of our criticisms, do not have much time to waste. The casino looks great for a first visitor and remains the same for the accustomed players.

Mbit Casino Games

mBit Casino has continued to increase the number of casino games available in the different categories of its website. When writing this notice, there are nearly 2,000 games you can play from any device. Games are divided into subcategories for easier access. On the home page, you will be welcomed by the best handpicked games in each of the categories.

However, we cannot fail to mention our dissatisfaction in the absence of a functional menu in the upper parts of the site. We believe that classifying games and placing them under different menu names allows specialized players to find games in their favorite kind more easily. Regardless of that, the gameplay remains superb and very attractive.

Here are some of the categories of games you may want to try:

  • Slot machines: slot machine games are famous worldwide and Mbit has integrated more than 1000 games of this type from various suppliers. With different suppliers we discover variations in controls, return rates and themes. Each player will get a favorite game with a few reviews. There are games of popular slot machines on the casino, including Dragon Tribe, Bonus Bunnies and Dead Wood, to name a few.
  • Roulette: Do you like to play roulette? Mbit Casino has a wide selection for you. With more than 70 roulette games, roulette lovers have a reason to smile. In addition, the famous American roulette and European roulette are available in different tastes, making the Mbit Casino one of the best places where you should play roulette with bitcoins. The other popular roulette titles on the casino include royal roulette, French roulette and VIP roulette.
  • Baccarat: Baccarat games are increasingly popular every day, and new titles also appear frequently. Mbit was not outdone in the addition of fun baccarat games. The casino has around twenty Baccarat games, and this selection should increase over time. Popular titles of the Baccarat subcategory include Baccarat Speed, Baccarat Controlled and Mini Baccarat.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack games are widespread in the Americas and Europe as well as in some other parts of the world. However, there is only a handful of blackjack games listed on the casino. This does not mean that you will not have fun or will not benefit from your bitcoins. The small collection is even better for some players because you can quickly familiarize yourself with one and make a box. In addition, the popular Blackjack Super 7 game is included in the selection.
  • Live games: The live casino is one of the most lucrative of all other games. This gives the player the feeling of a hard casino in the streets of the city. The live Casino section of Mbit includes more than 50 games where you can play against real croupiers and other real players. Many players love live casinos because they feel better using their intelligence against real people rather than trying their luck against a machine. The live casino consists of games from other categories, including blackjack, baccarat and roulette.
  • Lottery: The lottery is the ideal place for big gains based on pure luck. Lottery games give you the opportunity to make significant profits thanks to small investments and with limited time. The Mbit Casino offers nearly 30 lottery games that are easy to play and win. You will find games like Bingo Soccer, Diamond Strike and Wolf Gold, which all have high awards.
  • Table games: with hundreds of games in this category, there is more pleasure and more likely to increase your bitcoins. However, note that the Table Games category also offers games in other selections. However, this does not affect the ease you can maneuver and find your favorite game.

The casinos Bitcoin are great places to have fans and multiply your money. The casino mBit offers you these and more. Despite the wide selection of games available at the Mbit Casino, we would however like to see a category of sports betting where players can bet on real events. Over time, we hope the casino mBit will catch up with the market by updating a Casino Bitcoin bookmaker up to date.

Deposits and withdrawals

mBit Casino Supports withdrawals and deposits made via cryptographic portfolios only. They allow players to recharge their accounts using popular cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

Bitcoin deposit interface on Mbit Casino
Bitcoin withdrawal interface on Mbit Casino

Although these transactions are treated instantly, they are subject to various limits and requirements. For example, you cannot deposit less than 0.0003 BTC. In the same way, you cannot withdraw less than 0.001 BTC. By comparing the two limits, you will understand how it ends. In addition, you are limited to withdraw a maximum of 3 BTC per week and a maximum of 10 BTC in general transactions in a month.

However, we consider these regulations as easy to use, since you will not be taken by surprise when you want to withdraw below the limits. It is much better than playing in casinos that do not have such restrictions, but which can make you wait for hours to see months to treat significant withdrawals.

All the details of the transaction are secure thanks to Bitcoin technology and you have nothing to fear. Your data is also safe since mBit Casino Use modern SSL technology to transmit data between your device and their systems.

Bonus et promotions

On all gaming platforms and in particular on online bitcoin money game sites, there are lucrative bonuses to allow players to win and allow them to test their favorite games with little risks on real money . The casino mBit is no exception to this rule and offers an exclusive welcome bonus up to 5 BTC. Isn't that too much money? As this is not enough, the welcome bonus includes 300 free laps. It’s very generous from Casino Mbit, even if you have to play your bonus uprights on slot machines.

Besides the welcome bonus, mBit has a loyalty program where you earn points depending on your bet frequency and risky amounts. The points are credited to your account, which you win or lose a bet.

And the VIP program? The VIP program offers you a lucrative bonus offer every week. Many exclusive VIP promotions take place regularly on the casino mBit. Simply register on the VIP program to take advantage of all the advantages.

The deposit bonuses also help players to continue to take advantage of Casino games even when they lack funds. Mbit Casino offers you a 50% bonus and a 75% bonus for the second and third deposits. However, the two deposit bonuses are limited to a maximum of 2.5 and 1.5 BTC, respectively.

Service client

We had no problem achieving customer support. This can be done via the live cat system integrated into their website, their Facebook page or the official assistance email available on the site. However, the live cat system and emails work faster than other methods.

The verdict on Mbit Casino

From the user interface to the rich selection of games, mBit Casino stands out from competition. In addition, even with several limits, the casino does an excellent job with withdrawals and deposits, making sure you get your bitcoins in a few minutes and without going through an unnecessarily long process. Again, their promotions and their customer support are of good quality, and there is little chance that you have problems playing on this casino. From the player's point of view, the Mbit Casino is one of the best casinos on the Internet, and we willingly recommend that you try it if you haven't done it yet.