Games – review Games is an internet casino that only uses cryptocurrencies. This is a unique casino that will allow you to play as soon as you finish your deposit transaction. The deposit button is at the top right of your screen when using a computer. If you access the site on a mobile phone, the deposit button is just at the bottom of the screen. If you have Bitcoins, the deposit will immediately reflect on your account. If you don't have a bitcoin, you can use a bank card to buy it. The Casino website accepts Visa credit cards. An alternative method is to convert your other cryptos by clicking on a button corresponding to the site. Once you're done, start playing your favorite games for fun and money. Whenever you visit the website, you will receive an anonymous account. To display your real account, click on the My Account tab in the header area. To find out more about the casino Games, continue to read this test.

rendering of the home page of the site Games

Bonus et promotions

Cash price- The minimum amount you need to deposit to start playing is 0.0001 BTC. Once you drop your bitcoins, you will have a chance to play and win bonuses and promotions. The players on this site receive daily and weekly prices in the form of cash. To see what is available to win, click Drops and Wins. This promotion offers an incredibly enormous cash price of $ 2,000,000.

Bonus for Games offers an exclusive 100% deposit bonus in the site lottery section. Players can also earn an equivalent of $ 10,000,000 in BTC as part of the MEGA Jackpot lottery whose site promotes.

Offers and Games seem to have a limited number of bonus and promotions. They appear intermittently, especially around the long holidays. So check if there will be bonuses for the Easter, Halloween holidays or another event. game games

You will love the game collection of this site when you explore different categories. There is something for everyone and for all the players who visit this crypto casino. Here is a list of the best categories of site games:

Table games - If you love table games, this casino will be your best friend. Among the examples of table games he offers, let us quote Wild Texas, Baccarat, Roulette, Dice, Caribbean poker, Blackjack Redition, French Roulette, American Roulette, Craps and Video Poker, between others.

Slot machines - It may seem like a casino of slot machines to you when you visit it for the first time. He has several video slot games. Some of them include the legend of the megaways of Cleopatra, the Aztec magic of luxury, the mysterious Egypt, nine Lions, the Spartan King and Reel Joke, among others.

Jackpot games -Do you want to fix your eyes on the price of the jackpot? If this is the case, you must choose one or more games in the Jackpot Games category. Some examples are slot machines, fun fruits for supper, video poker, roulette and dice, among others.

Lottery - To participate in the lottery, first buy lottery tickets. You can join the Australian, European, American or Canadian lotteries; The amounts of the jackpot range from 500,000 euros to $ 118,000,000.

Fairly proven or so -called "Provably Fair" games - They are ideal for a player who prefers to use game applications. Each of the applications offered on contains the Provublic Fair functionality. But what is it? To find out more about this technology, click FAQ when you visit Games And check it in the section.

verification to find out if the course of the game was fairly proven

Deposits and withdrawals on Games

As mentioned above, there are three ways to deposit. The critical point to note is that this is a cryptocurrency website and that only Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can work. If you pay with BTC, visit the section Games (BTC) and with Bitcoin Cash, visit the section Cash Games (BCH). Note the section you navigate before depositing to make sure your money is not lost.

Bitcoin BTC deposit address on a player account

Withdrawals are proceedings instantly. Click on the cash out section of your account and enter the amount to withdraw, select the destination address and click the Remale button. Transaction costs are 0.0001BTC. If you do not want to withdraw your income immediately, leave them in your account. It is secure enough and your balance will be reflected in your account every day.


When you play any game on Games, your navigation activities will be secure. This is because the casino is not interested in your personal information. He does not ask them at the registration stage because he automatically creates all accounts. To play safely in this case, without registration, save your URL link before leaving the site. During your next visit, enter the URL you previously recorded.

There is also the current two -factor authentication technique used by sites to protect your account when connecting. Make sure not to deactivate this connection method. When removing your bitcoins, you will meet a feature that needs you to define a fixed address. So this address is forever linked to your account. The casino will only trust the specific address when sending Bitcoins.

Customer assistance service

One of the best things offered on this casino site is an improved technical support. The answer is excellent when you try to customer service. To do this, click the Contact us tab in the lower navigation bar. Send an e-mail to [email protected] Clearly describe your business before sending it. Once you have done, a representative will answer you quickly. Not only will they be friendly with you, but also completely professional. Please note that it is best to use the English language.

Verdict on the casino, is it reliable? Games is a beautiful casino. He excels in several ways, in particular by offering the most complete collection of slot machines and table games and providing first -rate customer support. If you like to bet anonymously, this game platform is the best choice. It will give you an anonymous account every time you visit the platform. All your game results are verified manually, which is a big for this site. If you want to play your favorite online games without registration and instantly remove bitcoins, choose Games from today. We highly recommend it.