As important is the activity of a group, the cause of its formation is equally important. We are a teenage musical team with a noble cause. Our musical band was formed a few months backs to promote social awareness regarding child protection and rights. We are still contributing to the cause and in the process also aim to ride high on our chosen path of career, which is music.

Our team

We do not have a fixed protocol and is highly versatile in terms of the musical genre and content based on the venue, audience, and purpose. Our team consists of multiple male and female singers capable of individual performances and syncing in choirs. While the keyboard is more or less the basic and fixed instrument in all of our performances, other instruments and players change according to the musical item and demand. In such a short period, we have actively involved in a lot many social causes including:

  • Raising funds for cancer and HIV victims
  • Creating awareness in different generations regarding child abuse, rights of HIV-infected children, malnutrition in infants
  • Funding education of poor children and backward caste
  • Promoting social and moral values in children and teenagers

We also host entertainment events and have been regular winners in multiple musical competitions. Music has become our life and we give equal importance to our education. Educational institutions are our most common venues and promoters. So if you are planning to organize a youth fest, cultural extravaganza or a social campaign, don’t be hesitant in contacting us. Constantly voted as upcoming musical promises by the media, we are sure to raise your standards and heighten the success peak of your programs.

We do charge for our performances as a support for our existence, but our price is decided by you. Just a genuine call to schedule our availability is all that you need to do.

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